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Everyone has a Story...

Everyone has a story, and that is what intrigues me most about bringing people together.

I grew up in a multi-faceted, mixed-race family. I’m Mexican, Chinese, and Irish, and my hometown is San Antonio, Texas but I’ve spent most of my life in Dallas.

My career began with high hopes of doing something in the fashion industry. I remember as a little girl visiting my Granny’s house. She was the epitome of a 60’s fashion icon, but in addition to that, she was a savvy businesswoman. I’d walk through her racks of dresses, admiring all the patterns and the detail. I was going to be just like my Granny when I grew up.

I quickly discovered that the fashion industry lacked something more meaningful and purposeful that I knew in my gut I needed to do, but what was it? I knew I loved travel, and because I have always asked myself what companies and industries, I admire to find my path, I decided to apply at Southwest Airlines. I thought assisting others with crucial life events as an HR coordinator at SWA would satisfy my purpose.

Five years after I began my HR job, I was ready to spread my wings and told my leader I was applying for an opportunity to work in Marketing on event activations.

That was the day my adventure began as a brand builder and event producer and that was how I found my purpose.

My greatest passion is bringing people together from all different backgrounds and creating experiences they will never forget.

I began my adventure planning events with Southwest Airlines, and then I moved on to extreme sports and Culture Marketing with Red Bull North America. I catapulted away from Red Bull to take on a Director of Events role at The Dallas Market Center where I planned some of the most memorable events of my career.

A year later, I landed my dream job in Austin working for a sister company of SXSW. I would be planning live music events, multi-day conferences, world-premieres for films and then suddenly…the pandemic hit and pulled the rug out from underneath us all.

The events world at that time was put on an indefinite hold.

I eventually found my way back to events post pandemic and secured a position managing events for the AT&T Discovery District.

The past 15 years I have had the honor of creating amazing events that champion diversity and inclusion, bring brands alive and most importantly bring people together to tell their stories and make lasting memories. I'm looking forward to seeing what my next adventure will be!

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